Donations are the best way to support the owner in hosting the servers, as server hosting is expensive.
Please note that the VIP perks are a way of encouraging people to donate, and not an actual service we provide. Those perks are likely to evolve, often to add features.
Therefore, we do not accept refunds.
However, if you encounter problems during your purchase, you can contact the owner on discord for assistance. This is a one man operation, please understand that we might not answer you the same day.
Please note that all the perks listed below are available on all servers.

VIP Perks

  • [VIP] tag
  • Reserved slot
  • Access to !gloves
On server where those are available.


  • 1 Week VIP: 1€
  • 1 Month VIP: 2€
  • 3 Months VIP: 5€
  • 12 Months VIP: 15€
  • Permanent VIP: 20€